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Carports in Brighton

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  • Victory Verandahs, Carports and Patios are made from 100% Australian Colorbond€ Steel.

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Carports Brighton

The last thing you want is to have to spend a fortune repairing your vehicle because the wild weather left the condition of your car looking dreary and depilated. The best way to over come this expensive scenario is to have the perfect protection built to house you precious vehicle. All of our ports are designed and built to be able to withstand anything that nature can throw at it. While being 100% water tight, they also offer maximum protection from the harsh rays from the sun. At Victory we make it our goal to only use the best Australian sourced materials in all of our builds and will assure you that they will last a lifetime while maintaining their aesthetic beauty even through the harshest conditions. Any of our ports can be built as free standing structures, or they can be attached to your home and made to look like a complete part of it to house your family cars, work car, SUV, 4x4 or any other automobile you may have.

If you’re in Brighton and want to find the best carport designer near you, then call us today on (08) 8352 0955 and we will provide you with a free quote before you get started.

Why Choose Our Carports

At Victory, we have an unprecedented desire to design and build the best quality protection for your vehicles, while also making it look dynamic and pleasing. We have spent many years crafting and working hard to build such products and believe that we have the best builds that anyone can offer. We can custom build a port that can be free standing , attached to your home and can house anything as little as a hatchback, all the way up to a caravan or boat. We have a large range of pre designed styles such as Victory curved roof, Victory custom design, Victory Dutch gable, Victory flat roof, Victory gable end, Victory long span, Victory louvres and Victory hip style.

Every single build that we undertake will be constructed with 100% Australian Colourbond steel which is well known for being the best material in the world for such constructions. Not only is it the strongest and most durable, you will also be buying locally and not buying an inferior material shipped in from overseas like many of our competitors do. We can also offer an extensive pallet of colours and finishes to be applied to your shelter in order to match the colour and style of your home so it will blend seamlessly with the surrounding structures. All of our builds are 100% watertight and constructed to provide the highest level of protection from the suns nasty rays. Any little additions can also be added into the final build like security lighting, which will turn on if any unwanted intruders try to go anywhere near you vehicle.

How Much Does a Carport Cost?

How much will a carport cost? Is it expensive? These are questions that are thrown around a lot in our industry, and the short answer is it all depends. The total cost will always come down to the size of the structure, the amount of materials used, the colours and finishes and any details you would like added to it. If you would like to know an exact amount, the best option is to call us today and we will talk with you about your needs and provide you with a free quote before you get started. We will guarantee that here at Victory, we will beat any competitors quote and offer you the cheapest price while also giving you the highest quality structure. A car shelter will also be a future investment as it will shelter your vehicle from the harsh elements and prevent any costly damages coming to it that could cost you big $$$ in the future. All of our builds also come backed with a 30 year home owners warranty so if anything were to happen to the structure, you will be financially backed to give you more piece of mind.

Benefits of a Carport Build

There are numerous amounts of advantages to have a secure and well built cover for your vehicle. The obvious ones are offcourse to keep the tremendous amount of ever changing weather off your car. Having the elements at bay will greatly improve the overall lifespan and physical quality of your vehicle, which means you wont have to spend huge amount of $$$ having it detailed, re painted or have to fork out for expensive damages caused by mother nature. This type of structure will also add a significant amount of appeal and financial gain to your property as many future homeowners will be looking for a place to house their vehicles and will be determined to spend more if they have that option. Undercover car spaces can also serve as a great area to have BBQ’s or any type of special gathering when the vehicle is not parked underneath, which is a great option if you do not have a veranda or pergola attached to your home.

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