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If you’re looking for an attractive, low maintenance and affordable way to protect your car or vehicle and maintain its value, you can’t go past the quality of a Victory custom carport Melbourne. Leaving your vehicle exposed to the ever changing elements of Melbourne’s climate can be dangerous as rain, hail and the sun can damage and devastate your vehicle and cost a fortune to have someone repair it. Having a custom designed and installed carport will greatly improve its life by reducing its exposure to nature and any thieves who may want to try and take your valuables from inside your car. Our incredible team will be able to design and build you a carport for any vehicle whether that is a family sedan, van, wagon, work Ute or even a 4x4; we will be able to help you find a style and build that suits your specific needs.

We can come to your home to speak with you about your next carport installation. If you’re in Melbourne and want to find the best carport builder near you, then call us today on (08) 8352 0955 and receive your FREE quote and see how Victory can offer the protection for your car that is deserves.

Why Choose Our Carports

You should never have to have your vehicle constantly battling the ever changing elements of Melbourne’s fierce weather, so why not have a dynamic and secure carport installed on your residential home. Car stalls can provide much needed protection from the harsh sun and the damaging rain and hail. When you choose one of our amazing carport designs, you will have a custom designed feature that will be designed, built and installed by Victory and we will take every step necessary to ensure that it is of the highest quality. At Victory we want to set the industry standard for amazing car protection designs and installs, and we will make it our duty to take every idea you may have into consideration so you are getting exactly what you want from beginning. There is no project that will be to big or to small for us to handle, whether you have a family car, sedan, SUV, 4x4, boat or caravan, we can custom design and install an area for your vehicles that will look aesthetically beautiful and will function with a multitude of purposes, and will keep your motor vehicle protected all through the year.

Our parking shelters are well known through out the industry and are only crafted and built using the industries best materials to offer you a strong and reliable area of protection for your car or vehicle. We use the worlds best materials such as Colourbond, which is not on strong and reliable, its 100% Australian made, so while you get the protection you need, you will be helping out Australian businesses in the process. All of our builds also come in an extensive pallet of beautiful colours and finishes to match any style of home you may have. Our trade’s team have a wealth of experience and passion to provide you with the strongest, most reliable and amazing looking carport design that will serve you and your family for a lifetime, and ensure that your car or vehicle stays in the best condition possible.

How Much Will A Carport Cost?

This is a question that does not have one definitive answer. The overall cost of having a parking shelter installed at your Melbourne residence will always vary upon the size of the structure, the amount of quality materials used, the colours and finishes and any other finer details you would like added like lighting and security lighting. The best way to have an exact amount is to call us today and speak with us about your needs and the type of build you would like and we can offer you a free measure and quote based upon what you want. A well designed and built undercover car space should always be seen as a future investment as it will provide the maximum protection for your vehicles and prolong their quality and condition while also keeping and danger at bay that could cost you big $$$ in repairs. We can guarantee that we offer the cheapest price and the most competitive deals and customer service and will always work with you to find a design that fits within our budget. We also offer a 30 year home owner’s warranty that will protect you financially if anything is to happen to the build within that time.

Types of Car Shelters

If you’re thinking about providing the best protection for your vehicles, then you have a wide selection of styles and builds to choose from. Every style looks and feels unique in its own right and you will be able to find a style that matches the aesthetic beauty of your home. You can also custom fit out and design any type of car shelter that you want so you have the exact look and feel that you’ve always wanted. Some of the fantastic range of builds that we offer is Victory curved roof, Victory custom design, Victory Dutch gable, Victory flat roof, Victory gable end, Victory long span, Victory louvres and Victory hip style. All of these styles look dynamic and all have their own structural elegance that will compliment your home and bring a new fresh area to it. If you have an idea of a type of build you would like, or have seen a undercover carport that you really liked, talk with us and we will be able to completely custom design and build you a vehicle shelter of any styles, size and shape to provide you with the exact specifications that you want.

Benefits of an Undercover Carport

Carports are making a return in Australia, and for good reason. Not only do they protect your vehicle from the elements, but they’re also a nice alternative to building a garage – in terms of cost, design selection and flexibility of use. Keeping your vehicle out of the elements will ensure that no permanent damage like fading paint, cracked windows from flying debris or any other nasty surprises ruin the condition of your car or vehicle, saving you from having to spend a tremendous amount having it repaired. Undercover shelters are also a great addition to any home as they greatly increase its value. Every new homebuyer wants a place to safely park their vehicles and a well designed and build vehicle port could mean the difference between a big sale of your home, or a small one. They’re also a multipurpose investment that not a lot of people realise. When the car is not parked underneath, they can provide a great sheltered area to entertain friends and family, hold BBQ’s and provide a nice relaxing area to sit outside when the weather is too much to handle without cover.

Why Choose Us?

With an extensive amount of years building and designed undercover vehicle shelters for satisfied customers in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we at Victory have the skills and knowledge to get your dream port built and functioning in no time. We take every step necessary to ensure that your build if of the highest quality without it breaking the bank. All of our materials and styles of builds have come from years of extensive research and testing to ensure that they are the best that they can possibly be and provide you with the maximum protection for your vehicle. We have industry leading experience and will always work with you to understand what you want, your budget and will leave no stone unturned to get you the product that you want. We will assure you that every build is constructed to the highest quality and they will be able to stand the test of time no matter how fierce the weather conditions may be for decades to come. We provide very single customer that chooses to have a build done through us with a 30 year home owners warranty which will cover yo in case anything were to happen to your build, giving you more financially piece of mind.

3 Reasons Adding A Carport Will Increase Your Home’s Value in Melbourne

Do you have plans of putting up your home for sale? You might feel excited for what lies ahead, but things can also get quite a bit overwhelming. To ensure that you will get the right amount of money, you need to spruce up your home, fix issues here and there, and even consider home extensions to boost property value. And if there’s anything that should rank on top of your list for new installations for your home, it’s a carport. Keep reading to learn three compelling reasons to add  and increase the value of your home.

1) Boost curb appeal.

What is the first thing a potential home buyer notices upon arriving on your property? It’s curb appeal. The overall look of your home has a huge impact on how well it will be viewed by the buyer. And as you probably know, first impressions are near impossible to change.

You don’t want your home to look messy by letting your cars sit in the driveway. By having a carport, you clean up your front yard immediately. No parked cars to obstruct the view of buyers. This also means making the property look bigger. And if you have a car, boat, or camper van sitting on the lawn for a long time, the buyer might look at the damage hiding underneath the vehicles, causing him or her to get turned off by the additional work to be done.

2) Add necessary protection for vehicles.

Whether it’s a car, a motorbike, or a boat, a carport offers adequate protection against the harsh outside elements. For most people, their vehicle is their second biggest investment, next only to their home. It only makes sense to protect such a high-value investment, so it is something that all car owners would want to have on their property.

Falling branches, intense ultraviolet rays, and hailstones are all common problems which can be prevented easily by parking a vehicle in a space. The last thing you want is to let a potential buyer walk away just because you do not have a carport to keep his or her vehicles protected.

3) Get extra storage space.

It’s worth noting that some prospective buyers wouldn’t look at your carport as a place to park their car. Some might have other ideas, such as turning the area into an additional living space.

Many designers nowadays make them look sophisticated. They can be used as a home office, a gym, or a shaded area for outdoor activity as family barbecues.

It’s safe to say that adding a carport is a foolproof way of increasing the value of your home. Any potential buyer will consider a the area as a plus unless it’s in terrible shape which requires costly repair. But if you already have a functional and stylish setup, then it just might give your home the edge over other houses being considered by the buyer, all while getting more value from such a simple addition.