Emergency Plumber Mildura

Emergency Plumber in Mildura

When it comes to water emergencies, time is of the essence. Partner with us, your local emergency plumbers. We have experience fixing leaking taps, broken toilets, burst pipes, and drain issues. If you wake up to no hot water, call us. Our team will come out to your house quickly and rectify the problem, there on the spot. Heavy rain can cause flooding or leaks, so keep our number close by. Avoid frantically trying to find the best emergency plumber. Our men are fast, reliable, and affordable. Many homeowners, renters, and businesses in Mildura use our plumbing services. Servicing all locations from Paringi, through Monak, Irympie and Red Cliffs, right through to Wentworth, Curlwaa, Merbein and Mourquong.

24-hour plumber – rely on us, after-hours

You can never plan when emergencies will happen. This is why we never close. Call us, any time of the day or night if a water crisis arises. Even if it’s just a small tap leak, this can quickly lead to serious (expensive) damage. It’s best to get a professional to fix it. DIY can make the problem worse. Get the peace of mind that your hot water system, toilet, taps and pipes are working well and there are no hidden issues.

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Has your old toilet finally blocked up? If this happens, call us. We don’t want your morning or night to be a nightmare trying to organise your family without a bathroom available. Some of the other emergency water support services we provide include drain cleaning, shower repairs, water filters, hot water systems, leaking toilets, kitchen plumbing, tap issues, roof leaks, blocked drains, and gas leaks. We’re problem solvers, so we don’t just repair the issue – we find out why it happened to prevent it from occurring again in the future. If you’re unsure when to call an emergency plumber, follow this list:

 Your pipes have burst
 There’s no hot water or the pressure is very low
 Water is leaking in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry
 There was a storm and water is dripping from your roof
 Your toilet won’t flush

 You smell gas.

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Gas leaks

Leaking gas is extremely dangerous. If you smell it somewhere in your house or suspect a leak, turn off the gas valve straight away, open the windows and call us. Gas is flammable and when you’re exposed to it in confined spaces, you can get very ill. Don’t try to handle anything yourself. We’ll arrive at your house quickly to fix the leak. Even an electrical appliance can cause the gas to ignite, so contact our gas detectors immediately. Stay away from the area until we arrive.

No hot water?

Get into the shower only to realise there’s no hot water? Call our team of emergency water heater specialists. Our vehicles are equipped to handle any hot water issue. We’ll get your water nice and hot again in no time. We carry a large range of replacement parts and equipment, so repairs are fast and affordable – we rarely have to come out twice to fix it. In some instances, a replacement is necessary. If this happens, we’ll help you choose the most suitable heater for your family’s needs. Tell us if there’s a water brand heater you prefer.

Mildura water specialists

We travel to all areas in Mildura and towns in the surrounding area including Buronga, Gol Gol, Mourquong, Irymple, Nichols Point, Cardross, Red Cliffs, and Cabarita. Other suburbs we service are Birdwoodton, Merbein, Wargan, Wentworth, Curlwaa, Dareton, Koorlong, Dareton, and Yelta. If you live in or around Mildura VIC 3500, we’re your local team of emergency plumbers. Our qualified team will come out to your house quickly and attend to the problem, in the most affordable way. Call us day or night, 24 hours a day on any surrounding area of Dareton, Red Cliffs, Yelta, Buronga, Cardross, Koorlong, Wargan or Merbein.

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