Tilers Mildura

Tilers Mildura

For specialist tilers in Mildura, get in touch with us. We can come out to your home and provide a full quote for your flooring project. If you’ve got cracked or chipped tiles anywhere in your house, we can fix them. Maybe you’ve simply outgrown the style of your current floor. Regardless of your situation, our tilers can help bring new life to your space. We always clean up after ourselves, so you don’t have to worry about mess or debris in your house. Our projects have quick turnaround times, without sacrificing on the quality of your floors. Our work can be found in many homes (and businesses) in your area. Contact us today to start the process.

Your local tiling company

Whether it’s ceramic, mosaic, terracotta, stone, glass, porcelain or any other tile, we’ve got the experience installing it. From small units to large homes, our men have worked on all types of tiling projects. Our full-service company takes care of everything for you, including removing cabinets and vanities to lay the product. It’s our product knowledge and skill that that make our work stand out – to achieve a one-of- a-kind bathroom, kitchen or laundry. Tiling is more than just laying the product on the floor. Rather, it’s an art form. We’ll help you decide which style, size and colour best suits your space, so it’s an investment in your home.


Grout needs to be blended to the right consistency and applied evenly to the surface. Once it has dried, silicone will be added to the corners, joins, and areas that are at risk of movement. We’ll inspect your floors and decide whether spot repairs or a total re-grout is required. With clean tiles and new grout, your space will look as good as new. A little love can go a long way. You don’t necessarily need to invest in a whole new flooring solution. We’ll help you achieve a beautiful transformation in the most affordable way.

Our Services

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  • Highest standard of quality & attention to detail
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Waterproofing your home

While achieving a smooth and seamless finish is important, there’s also needs to be a focus on functionality. Making sure the floors and wall are waterproof and stand the test of time is essential. With our experience and industry knowledge, we’ll prepare the surface, apply the membrane (multiple coats), and leave it for the perfect amount of time to create a waterproof surface. By doing it right the first time, you’ll relieve any headaches and expensive repairs in the future. Our men will ensure your floors are beautiful and perform well –maintaining the integrity of the structure as well as the visible work. We specialise in all aspects of tiling and waterproofing including:

 Waterproofing
 Silicone
 Marble

 Large format tiles
 Stone
 Mosaics
 Internal & external tiling
 Tessellated floors.

For all new and existing flooring projects, we can help. Equally important as the renovation is upkeep. Because we’re local, you get the peace of mind that we’re only a short drive away if you have any questions, concerns or problems down the track.

The cost of replacing my tiles

Each contractor will price their services differently. It depends on the project length, products and materials used, the degree of difficulty, and the size of the space. Are there multiple angles or cuts? What about mitre joins? It’s impossible for us to give you an exact price without seeing your home first. There’s so much more to the price than just a simple cost per metre calculation. Live in Mildura VIC 3500? Book in a time for one of our tiling experts to visit you. Show us photos, share your ideas and tell us your vision for the space. Together, we can bring it to life.

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