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Digital Marketing Berwick

At Click Champion, we pride ourselves on being digital marketing specialists in every sense of the word! We deliver powerful digital solutions for our clients. From beautiful-looking websites and branding, to intelligent digital marketing campaigns, SEO and Ad Words solutions, we have got you covered to boost your presence online. Everything you need from providing Digital marketing consultants down to a full service digital marketing agency that will help you achieve the online presence for your business to bring it into the modern world.

We have helped business in Berwick increase the traffic to their websites, and increase their overall profits. Whether you have a question or want to simply say “hello”, call us today and see how we can help you put your business where it needs to be.

Why Invest In Digital Marketing?

Remember the days when you could throw up an ad in the paper and get a whole pile of work and customers? Well those days are over. Everyone has access to the internet now, and that is exactly where the majority of your customers are, and if you’re not online, you’re missing out. Having a well crafted and thorough digital marketing strategy can help drive more customers to you, and put more money back into your business. We help clients not only build or update their current websites, but work with them to ensure that they are on the front page of Google with our SEO and Ad Words strategy’s that are targeted towards your business and the services that you offer.

Web Design

There’s no point wasting time and money driving traffic to a website that isn’t converting visits into leads. Our dedicated and passionate in-house website design team can help you assess your current website to find out why users aren’t converting, after all the whole point of a website is to gain leads and convert them into paying customers, or build you a new one from scratch if you don’t already have one. We then analyse your current marketing strategy and business goals to re-design or re-build your website in order to maximise traffic and generate revenue. Incorporating your businesses ideas, vision and ideas is part of the overall process and our web design team will go through this with you step by step. We will look to develop a design for your website that you are 100% happy with before we start any of the design. This ensures that the finished product represents the very best of your business.

Google Ad Words

Driving more traffic to your business website is one of the best ways to ensure that your business is in front of the eye balls of as many potential customers as possible. With Google Ad Words, you will get to the top of Google, targeting your market with pin-point accuracy – location, time of day, demographic, and targeted keywords. We have helped hundreds of business increase ether online traffic as well as increase their revenues through our campaigns. When you sign up with us, you will have your own marketing manager that will be able to set up and provide you with the highest targeted campaign that will generate more leads and put your site in front of more people, while also ensuring that you are spending the least amount of money while still driving as much traffic as possible to your business.

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