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Patios in Geelong

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  • Victory Verandahs, Carports and Patios are made from 100% Australian Colorbond€ Steel.

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Patios Geelong

We all dream of siting outside in our very own outdoor paradise, enjoying quality family time, which is exactly what a beautifully crafted patio can accomplish. As an architectural feature, a well designed patio can extend your homes outdoor living area and offer year round enjoyment for you and your family. With many years of experience designing and building for homes in Geelong and the surrounding suburbs, Victory can provide the best experience for you and provide a new sense of excitement and enjoyment to your residential home. As specialists in Colorbond steel designs, we can create your designer outdoor area in a wide range of sizes, designs and colours to match your home and your lifestyle. As an established company, we want to provide the best possible service for all of our customers, while also giving you the best possible price. We are well known for having the cheapest prices while providing the best possible product. Don’t skip when it comes to your next terrace design, pick a company that cares and will help you every step of the way.

If you’re asking yourself who’s the best patio builder near me? Call us today ob (08) 8352 0955 and we will be able to show you why we are the best and so renowned for our work, and offer you a free measure and quote. We are open 9am to 5pm and we service all areas and come and speak to you at any time.

Why Choose a Patio?

A truly, beautifully designed and crafted outdoor living area can make or break a home. If you choose a cheap contractor to do the job, it can be disastrous. This is why we take an equal amount of time and care into every single construction that we do. While a pergola build is great for keeping the elements of nature away, it also ensures that you will have a comfortable and exclusive area to relax and recharge all year round. It has also been shown that a well crafted and constructed courtyard can add a tremendous amount more value to your home as it extends the size of the physical building and enriches it with a separate room.

When it comes to the quality of our design, we make sure to only use 100% Australian Colorbond steel. This brand is one of the most well know and well loved in the world. They offer an incredibly sturdy and structurally brilliant build. They also come in a number of colours and finishes that will blend seamlessly with any style of home, making it look like a dream. We will only ever stock and use the highest quality materials for all of our build and believe you will come to see that with the finished product.

Styles of Outdoor Living Spaces

Here at Victory, we want to make sure that and new porch that you have installed suits the style, aesthetic beauty and detail of your Greater Geelong home. This is why we provide such an extensive range of styles and designs. Every build and design will be custom crafted and fitted to any part of your existing or new home and will be finished with an array of colours to suit and blend with the structure. Our incredible team will be able to come to your residence and offer you a free measure and quote, while also giving you some fantastic advice on the best style and build for your new outdoor terrace.

We made it our goal to stock one of the largest selections of designs and colours to make the whole process of finding your dream outdoor living space as easy and intuitive as possible. Our range includes but not limited to, Victory curved roof, Victory custom design, Victory Dutch gable, Victory flat roof, Victory gable end, Victory long span, Victory louvres and Victory hip style. All of these builds and design offer uniquely different appeals from each other. Every single enclosure will be able to be suited for any home from a more modern building, to a more classic home. All of these products will add flair and style to your home while also adding a tremendous amount of financial and emotional value.

What does a Geelong Patio Cost?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, and the short answer is, it all comes down the size of the pergola, and the level of detail and finish that you would like added to it. It will always be an investment having a new outdoor area built for your home as it will instantly increase the value for your home, giving you a bigger return if you ever choose to sell. We will guarantee that we will not be beaten on price by any of our competitors and will offer you the most competitive price. We will always offer you a free measure and quote before you have to spend any $$$. Every solution that we offer also comes backed with a 30 year homeowners warranty to give you more peace of mind when jumping in and having the courtyard of your dreams.

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