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Millions of people use the power of yoga to boost their physical and mental health. It’s become one of the most prominent options for individuals looking to regain control of their body and its day-to-day development. It’s about appreciating the intricacies of one’s mind-muscle connection and building upon it using measured techniques.This is where Bikram Yoga or hot yoga comes into the equation. Here’s more on this form and all that it has to offer. If you would like to know more, or to try out one of our sessions in Melbourne, contact us today and we will be able to help.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram yoga entails the use of “pranayama” exercises created by Bikram Choudhury (famous fitness champion).The exercises include 26 postures and have become well-renowned for their balanced approach. This exercise is completed over a 90-minute session (twice) and has become a significant part of modern yoga culture since Mr. Choudhury moved to Beverly Hills. It has now become a popular style of relaxing and blood pumping exercise and is taught at the College of India in California.This style of fitness is robust, fun, and activates the body in a way other techniques can’t. This is what makes it enthralling, and one of the most practiced styles on the planet right now.

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

1) Increases Blood Flow

One of the significant benefits is seen through an increase in blood flow.This amazig style can get the blood pumping in a matter of minutes. Most people notice the change immediately, and over the long haul, this is ideal for the body. It’s able to open up one’s vessels and makes it easier to breathe, move, and live. This is what the whole fitness craze is all about. It is supposed to increase one’s quality of life, and that begins by getting the blood pumping. This makes it easier to stay healthy year-round.

2) Ideal for Weight Loss

Weight loss is an advantage of this method when it is implemented correctly. The postures are well-balanced and are going to help shed fat over time. The body is going to burn through a lot of techniques because of the “hot yoga” approach that’s taken. The temperature will be up, and it’s going to make one sweat. This is how the body can challenge itself and start to shed fat in a matter of days. A lot of people begin to notice results in a hurry when they set up a routine and maximize this style.

3) Adds Flexibility

The body can become rigid over time, and that’s especially true for those who work in the office sitting on a chair. A lot of stress is put on the body even without one moving around. This is why it’s important to let the body breathe as much as possible, and the only way of doing this is with the help of Bikram yoga. This form of intense workout can make the muscles open up and stay refreshed. It can be a game-changer for those who are often struggling to walk or feel like they pick up injuries easily. It will teach the body to remain flexible all the time.

4) Helps with Detoxification

There is nothing worse than being taxed with harmful toxins in the body because the health issues are horrible. They will add up and become a significant problem in the long-term if you’re not approaching them with the right form of yoga. Its an ideal workout because it is going to get the blood flowing and body sweating. You are going to release a lot of those underlying toxins that can start to do damage from the inside. Instead, it’s best to look at detoxification as a compelling option because it’s going to add value in the long-term.

5) Relaxing Session

It exerts pressure on the body and mind, which makes it such a unique form of yoga. It’s supposed to stress the body, but that’s what makes it soothing. It’s able to teach the mind to detach itself from its worldly surroundings in that specific moment making it compelling. The style has been worked on and can offer numerous benefits to those who take advantage of it.

Hot Yoga Postures

There are 26 postures in these sessions (90 minutes), and each one is unique in what it delivers.

Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent postures and how they’re performed.

1) Half Moon Phase

This is an empowering pose and one that’s going to come early in the session. The premise is to tilt one’s body to the side with their hands above their head. The feet are going to be close together, and the person will stand upright. The hands will raise straight up and clasp at the top (arms shouldn’t bend). The person will then lean to one side or the other. This pose is held until the other side is targeted. When done right, this is going to create the famous “half moon” shape that the posture is named after. It will feel great in the obliques.

2) Standard Deep Breathing

This is the heart of the workout and its postures. It’s a simple pose and one that emphasizes building that mind-muscle connection. A person is going to stand straight and bring his/her hands under the neck. The hands will join together, and this pose will be held. What this does is help the blood flow and expands the lungs. It’s an ideal option to bring focus to the session and make sure one is holding the pose correctly. It can empowering when done right and will improve one’s ability to breathe.

Tips for Bikram Yoga

Let’s move onto some of the essential tips for those who decide to pursue this form of yoga.

1) Seek Local Sessions

Seeking a local class is the way to go because it should become a habit in the long-term. It should become a part of life for those who want to improve the quality of their day-to-day routine. These postures are evergreen and will always remain relevant for those who want to get healthier and feel better. Going to a local yoga session is going to be fun and will add a lot of value to one’s routine. It’s best to seek a certified instructor while pursuing these exercise styles such as this for maximum results.

2) Customize Yoga Session for Maximum Results

Going to a certified instructor, for this reason, is essential. The goal should be to customize the session and make sure it has a lot to offer in the long-term. It should be tailored to suit one’s body, age, and requirements. This can be done with the help of a professional who has years of expertise in this yoga style. The right approach can be life-changing, and it starts with a full assessment of the body. When done correctly, the change is going to be immense, and it’s going to be something that’s beneficial.

3) Learn and Hone the Technique

This method is all about learning the postures and honing your technique. It’s not going to come naturally to a lot of people, and that’s fine. It will take time, but when done right, it’s going to feel tremendous. The mind will open up, and the body will heal faster. These are the reasons Bikram is one of the most respected styles in the world and remains among the most practiced. This is the ultimate form of exercise and is the way to go for those who want to look and feel better than ever before.

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