Blocked Drains in Mildura

Blocked Drains Mildura

Do your drains smell? Is your shower, bath or sink slow to drain after use? What’s your water level like in your toilet? For blocked drain specialists in Mildura, call us. A clogged sink might not seem like a big deal but it can lead to expensive repairs. It’s best to get a plumber to come out and fix the issue, immediately. We’re able to diagnose and repair your drains, efficiently and affordably. In our vans, we carry all of the necessary tools, parts, and drainage equipment. Our technicians will resolve any issue before further damage is caused. With our hydro jet drain cleaner, there’s no blockage we can’t clear. Don’t throw nasty chemicals down the sink in an attempt to clean it yourself. Call our blockage experts today. We service the entire region including Wentworth, Curlwaa, Dareton, Merbein, Mourquong, Buronga, Red Cliffs.

What causes drains to clog?

Your whole house can be compromised if you have a blocked drain. Grease, fats, food build-up, hair and toiletry products accumulate over time leading to blockages. If you live in an older house with pipes that are prone to cracking, splitting and breaking down, taking care of your drains are critical. The best rule? Don’t put anything down the sink, besides water and the detergent residue from washing up dishes. While it’s tempting just to food scraps, oil, grease and small items that seem harmless, do your best to avoid it. This will save you in the long run.

Hydro jet drain cleaning

Our powerful hydro jet drain cleaner clears blockages in drains, pipes, and sewers. Think of it as a high-pressure vacuum, but it uses a jet of water to purge the piping. It’s a fast, environmentally-friendly method of clearing those stubborn blocks. We place the jet nozzle into the problem pipe and works in most domestic applications. Compare this intuitive system to pouring toxic chemicals down the sink.

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Clear my drains

Regardless of the type of drain issue you have, we can fix it. We’ve worked on sinks that are full of water, as well as functional ones that are simply draining slowly. With the latest diagnostic and repair equipment, our solutions are quick. Your bathroom or kitchen will be working a good as new again. Getting your drain fixed will also help save water and, in turn, money on your bill. What might seem like a small leak can actually lead to hundreds of dollars on your water bill over time.

Common drain problems

If there’s a clog, the water in your sink won’t be able to travel down the pipe. Eventually, it’ll back up into the basin and start to overflow. Another common issue with drains is age. After years, maybe decades, of use they’ll need to be replaced. Structural damage caused by nearby trees also happens. In this case, part of the drain system needs repairing or replacing. Whatever you’re experiencing, our team will come out, inspect the situation, and offer potential solutions that fit your budget.

Sink issues?

Blockages happen with time. Every house experiences them once in awhile. Ageing drains, trees surrounding your property and living in an older house can cause issues. If you’d like expert advice on how to best maintain your drains, talk to us.
While we do recommend regular checks, adopting smart strategies in between visits will help avoid expensive blockages. Our team will help you become prevention experts, giving you the industry know-how to look after your drains and pipes. Contact us if you’ve noticed a problem with your shower, bathroom and kitchen sink or floor drains. To clear your drains fast, call us. We’ll come out to your Mildura VIC 3500 home today. Also available for all surrounding regions of Cardross, Red Cliffs, Monak, Paringi, Trentham Cliffs, Nichols Point, Wentworth, Koorlong and Buronga to name a few.

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