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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing & Gas Specialist 

Need a plumber fast? then you have come to the right place. We are one of the top rated emergency services in the area and have built up an amazing reputation for our work and customer service over the years. What every issue you may be experiencing such as leaking taps, burst or cracked pipes, hot water systems, shower heads, flooding or anything else, we can have it fixed in the quickest possible time frame. We also do installs such as new hot water services, solar water, new faucets and much more. We are one call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate and call us today and speak with our amazing staff who will get you what you need ASAP.

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Plumbing & Gas

From time to time, you are going to have pipe and faucet and even gas issues in your home or office. This is something that is unavoidable, but we want to help you so you wont have to deal with any problems like this for a good long time. If you have noticed that your tap is leaking, there is a crack int he pipe under your sink, basin or shower, you have a clogged drain that the water wont flow down and its causing pooling of water, or any issue involving you hot water system or solar system, call us straight away and we will be able to come to your premises at any time, day or night and have it fixed in the quickest possible time frame. We are one of the highest rated emergency services in Taylor’s Lakes and will provide the best quality work and customer service.

Leaking Taps & pipes

The last thing that any home or business owner wants is to start using their taps, only to be sprayed with a large amount of water, it happens trust us. a lot of the times a leaking tap can be easily fixed by installing a new washer, but other times it can be a much deeper issue. If you have started to notice that one of your faucet’s shower heads or what ever it may be is leaking water every time you turn it on, call us and we will come to your premises and have it fixed and working like new in no time. The same applies for any cracked pipes under you sinks or basins. We can have them working like new and set them up to prevent any problems like this happening in the near future so you can enjoy hot, beautiful flowing water without it going all over your clothes or floors.

Hot Water Service Repairs & Installations 

Like many homes, you will have a hot water system installed to ensure that you get the hottest, purist and cleanest water for your shower, bath and even drinking water. From time to time these amazing products can break and fault though, leaving you with no real hot water to live with, this is when you need a licenced and experience plumber to come to your home, office or business and have it repaired as quickly as possible. We can restore and fix any hot water setup of any brand and style, and will have it done on the same day. If you need to have an entirely new one replaced and installed, we can have that done with ease and will even help you choose the best one for your value and provide you with a range of the most efficient and cost effective ones before you get started.

Get Your Water Flowing Like New Again 

Have a gas hot water system? then chances are it may break and leave you without natural gas heating your water. This is not a scenario that you want to be caught in, but everything can fault from time to time, so if it does, you need a team that can have it up and running ASAP to ensure you can continue having natural, hot water for your personal use. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come to your premises and fix any gas issues you may be experiencing. Don’t hesitate to call us and we will be there within the hour. We take a great deal of effort and care with your hot water and gas repairs and will always put the customer first to make sure that your needs are met within a quick time frame. This is our promise to you.

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5(based on 2 reviews)
  • Great company, We had a leak under our sink and they where there within the hour and had it fixed, Thoroughly impressed. Sarah 03/15/2018
  • Great company, really pleased with the work that they did, we had a burst pipe under our sink and they were there so quickly and had the problem fixed incredibly fast Adam 09/10/2018